Thursday, June 4, 2009

Europe Adventure

John, Cathy, Megan, and cousin Christeen went on a three week adventure through Europe! We packed up our duffel bags/backpacks and traveled to seven different countries: England, France, Poland, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. We make the joke that we saw nine countries if you count the corner of Austria we passed through on a train and Vatican City! :) We saw so many historical sites, had missionary experiences, laughed 'til we cried, learned survival phrases in several languages, caught a thief reaching in John's pocket, stayed in the cutest B&B's, rode on 14 different forms of transportation (plane, train, subway, bus, vaporetto, taxi, gondola, water taxi, tram, van, shuttle, jet, paraglider, and horse n' buggy), and kept detailed journals which made the best souvenirs. The months of planning (thanks to John!) sure paid off!
more to come...


  1. I love looking at the fun pictures! It looks like you all had the best time over there.

  2. Ooh. So fun to see all the gorgeous pictures! Looks like a blast!